The play park has now been removed from Lanrig Park.

To the best of our knowledge a feasibility study for the proposed school development has not yet been carried out, nor has a planning application been submitted.

North Lanarkshire Council is proposing to build a new primary school on Lanrig Park land.

"It is proposed that the new Chryston Primary School would be located on the land to the south of Cliffvale Road as shown in Appendix 1."

The area specified is in fact the entire remainder of the park, as you can see from the map here.

We believe that parkland and open spaces between areas of housing need to be preserved to maintain the balance between the built and natural environment. It is not enough to have a central built-up area with all parkland on the fringes.

We agree that educational provision is vital to society, however if the actions of ongoing development erode the quality of life for that community we think that an alternative approach should be taken.

There is now a Facebook group dedicated to saving Lanrig Park.

The proposed development would have a significant negative impact on the amenity of the area and Chryston as a whole.

  • Reduced area used for exercise and walking
  • Negative environmental impact on the immediate area
  • Increase in vehicular traffic leading to increase in pollution levels at peak times
  • Increase in vehicular traffic leading to congestion in the local area at peak times
  • Increase in vehicular traffic leading to a potential increase in levels of accidents
  • Increase in levels of noise and disturbance
  • Overlooking building causing loss of privacy and residential amenity
  • Negative impact on visual amenity

The statutory consultation is underway and the clock is ticking.

Stages Timeline Dates:

  1. Committee Date Tuesday 11th Sept 2018
  2. Consultation Starts Wednesday 12th September 2018
  3. Public Meeting Tuesday 2nd October 2018 - 7pm Chryston High School
  4. Consultation Ends Thursday 1st November 2018

The Public meeting is being held this Tuesday at Chryston High School at 7 pm.

For those wishing to object to these proposals and seek to retain our parkland a sample objection letter has been produced. Please download one of the files and add your own details as appropriate.

A collection of completed objections will be arranged before the end of the consultation period (details will be posted here). Alternatively, you can post your letter to the following address:

School Consultation - Chryston Primary School,
Education, Youth and Communities,
Municipal Building,
Kildonan Street,
Coatbridge, ML5 3BT

The North Lanarkshire Council documentation is available here.